A home for everyone with a Jewish background 

JMW is for all people in the Netherlands with a Jewish background. Founded in 1946, our door is always open for advice, support and information. Or if you want to meet other people and explore your Jewish identity, you will be seen and heard. JMW offers a safe and secure home, where you can be Jewish and be yourself.   

JMW - joodswelzijn

Living the Jewish life you want 

JMW benefits the entire Jewish Community in the Netherlands. At first, our goal was mainly to help Jewish victims of persecution during WO II, but as of today, we are available to all Jewish generations. We offer support and advice to everyone with a Jewish background (and their partners), and are committed to developing a resilient Jewish community. We work towards an inclusive society where everyone with a Jewish background feels free to cultivate their Jewish identity and live the Jewish life of their choice. Whoever you are and whatever your cultural or religious background, anyone with a Jewish background is welcome at JMW!  

Our Services  

JMW offers a wide range of social services, including financial assistance, legal aid, psychosocial support, art therapy and counseling. We also run programs to help people improve their skills and to integrate into Dutch society. Our social workers speak various languages, such as Hebrew, English, Russian and Ukrainian, among others. In addition to our social services, JMW works to promote Jewish culture and heritage in the Netherlands. We organize cultural events, educational programs and other activities to provide a stronger Jewish sense of identity for all participants. JMW operates across the Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam and The Hague, and organizes activities in various cities all over the country, for a Dutch-, English- and Hebrew speaking public.  JMW is funded through donations, grants, and other forms of support.  

Getting together & working together 

JMW is dedicated to sharing knowledge and expertise with Jewish and Non-Jewish organizations and individuals alike. We are an independent source of information and provide reliable material on the Jewish community in the Netherlands. We organize special courses on Judaism for healthcare professionals, in order to improve their understanding of their Jewish patients and clients. In this way we hope to create a secure, safe and relatable environment for the Jewish community in the Netherlands.  

Our labels

A warm welcome for Israelis in the Netherlands

Do you feel at home as an Israeli living in the Netherlands? Catom might be able to help. Catom is a JMW-satellite group for Israelis and Hebrew speakers living in the Netherlands, who want to expand their network and meet others. Catom offers nation-wide social events, courses and thememeetings, where you can experience Israelian culture together and, at the same time, bridge the gap towards your new life in the Netherlands. Whether you want to learn the language, get into contact with other Israeli’s, use our Hebrew library or find your way in the professional realm, Catom is there for you and will provide a warm welcome to the Netherlands. 

For more about Catom, see Catom on Facebook

Catom in Hebrew
Jong en Joods - Freyda

Meet other young people and explore your Jewish identity

Are you young and Jewish? Do you want to explore your Jewish identity? As we all know, Jewish life is extremely diverse, involving history, community, religion, culture, literature, music and dance. Judaism is consolidated into our language, habits, traditions, stories and deep inside ourselves. Everyone has their own experience of being Jewish. Freyda can help you get to know more young people with a Jewish background, so you can inspire and educate each another. Discover the core of your Jewish identity and experience the Jewish lifestyle you want! 

For more about Freyda, see our Freyda Instagram (Mainly Dutch)

Website Freyda (mainly Dutch)

Contact information: 

JMW headquarters
Van Boshuizenstraat 12 
1083BA Amsterdam 
Phone: +31 (0)88-165 22 00 
E-mail: info@joodswelzijn.nl 

JMW The Hague
Koninginnegracht 19 (Tauro building)
2514AB The Hague
Phone: +31 (0)88-165 22 00 
E-mail: info@joodswelzijn.nl 

JMW Rotterdam
Huis van de Wijk – Kipstraat 37 
3011RS Rotterdam
Phone: +31 (0)88-165 22 00 
E-mail: info@joodswelzijn.nl 

JMW Arnhem
Mr. E.N. van Kleffenstraat 6 (Station 026)
6842CV Arnhem
(Visiting address only)
Phone: +31 (0)88-165 22 00 
E-mail: info@joodswelzijn.nl 

Lev Amsterdam 
Activities and meeting group for 60+ 
Kastelenstraat 80 
1083 DE Amsterdam 
Phone: +31 (0)88-165 22 00 
E-mail: lev@joodswelzijn.nl 

Catom, for Israelis in the Netherlands 

Shirley Ensel via JMW +31 (0)88-165 22 00  
E-mail: catom@joodswelzijn.nl 

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